Lodging Magazine: Boosting the Bottom Line with Eco-Friendly Odor Management

Lodging Magazine: Boosting the Bottom Line with Eco-Friendly Odor Management

The hospitality sector is known for being ultra-competitive, especially in today’s era of full online transparency and accountability. For example, one bad TripAdvisor review can have a long-tasting negative impact on future bookings and revenue generation – causing many hotel to be hyper vigilant about their brand reputations.

One of the most foundational elements of a hotels reputation is the perception of cleanliness, and continually being odor-free. Fortunately, many major hotel brands are already well versed in next-generation cleaning practices that are highly effective and ensure that guests are in a healthy indoor environment.

Located in downtown Nashville, The Hermitage Hotel is a pioneering hospitality provider when it comes to safe odor control, reinforcing its reputation for being a timeless and elegant property frequented by tourists, celebrities, business travelers and politicians alike.

The Hermitage was featured in a recent Lodging Magazine article, by Bob Dunklau, Vice President/Chief Operating Officer for OMI Industries, makers of Fresh Wave IAQ. For example, Bob discussed how many hotels commonly use deodorizing sprays to mask foul odors, which can prove to be ineffective and unsafe. He also highlighted how The Hermitage uses Fresh Wave IAQ products, including the M130 Vapor Phase Units to keep the pet-friendly guest rooms clean and fresh.

Thankfully there are eco-friendly cleaning and odor management solutions are helping the most forward-thinking hotels to boost both their reputations and bottom-line. The Hermitage is a shining example of how to be ahead of the curve when it comes to keeping its facilities clean and odor-free.

Be sure to read the full Fresh Wave IAQ case study with The Hermitage here. In addition, if you are a hotel manager, and would like more information about how to develop a safe and comprehensive odor mitigation plan, please contact us here.



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