Mass Transit Magazine: Los Angeles Union Station Tackles Foul Restroom Odors with Fresh Wave IAQ

Mass Transit Magazine: Los Angeles Union Station Tackles Foul Restroom Odors with Fresh Wave IAQ

As Fresh Wave IAQ provides comprehensive odor control for a wide-variety of industry sectors, there’s no shortage of happy customers willing to share their success stories. From professional sports arenas to Last Vegas casinos to car rental agencies and beyond, these validating case studies reinforce just how vital eco-friendly odor control is in the commercial arena.

One industry that’s been emerging for Fresh Wave IAQ is public transportation – especially with some of the most iconic rail stations in the United States.

For example, Los Angeles Union Station (LAUS), which is the largest railway passenger terminal in the western U.S., has embraced Fresh Wave IAQ for tackling foul restroom odors. In fact, LAUS story captured the attention of Mass Transit Magazine, who ran this recent case study article about its use of Fresh Wave IAQ.

LAUS serves almost 110,000 passengers a day, and is widely regarded as “the last of the great train stations.” In addition, to being the backdrop of many famous Hollywood films throughout the years, it has also become unique cultural and dining destination. With such a highly and diversely used facility, there’s no room for error when it comes to eliminating odors.

However, for many years ABM, a global leader in outsourced facility management services, had to contend with foul odors coming from the men’s restroom in the main terminal – with extremely unpleasant odors continually wafting out into the waiting area, a shoe shine stand, and restaurants.

While the facility management team tested a number of different solutions, such as urinal screens, various masking agents, timed fragrance misters, as well as passive release solutions through osmosis cartridges, nothing effectively rid the area of these strong, foul odors.

Through working with WAXIE Sanitary Supply, ABM learned about how a custom-built solution from Fresh Wave IAQ would be ideal for tackling this monumental odor challenge.

As such, the team of WAXIE, ABM, Fresh Wave IAQ and the Assistant Chief Engineer at LAUS worked together to effectively install a Fresh Wave IAQ 130CFM Vapor Phase Unit on the floor right above the men’s room. From there, 4-inch PVC piping was extended from the unit and through a hole that dispersed the “dry” Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface odor eliminator solution directly into the men’s room.

Today, the unit is running for 20 hours a day, which coincides with the station’s operating hours. It also has a timer for when the unit runs low on Fresh Wave IAQ Air & Surface Liquid – allowing for continual, round-the-clock odor control. As a result, the foul odors have been completely mitigated.

As LAUS continues its storied history as one of the greatest train stations in the U.S., the facility will always be on the forefront of providing a safe and odor-free environment for everyone that enters this special architectural gem that helps to define the city of Los Angeles.

Click here to read the full Mass Transit Magazine article. In addition, you may view the case study here.



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