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FreshWave IAQ in Schools and Universities

Remove odors in areas such as dormitories, cafeterias, science labs, student lounges, athletic facilities, locker rooms, and executive offices using safe, natural ingredients.

Educational facilities deal with thousands of students who bring a world of unique odors through their doors each day. Schools and educational facilities never have to worry about the myriad of odors created by the student body with Fresh Wave IAQ in their inventory. In addition, most newer educational facilities are LEED Certified and reinforce these green standards by using products that are environmentally friendly, effective and non-toxic, all traits possessed by Fresh Wave IAQ products.


Problem: The spectrum of odors that are brought into a educational facility on a daily basis by students

Solution: Fresh Wave IAQ full line of products:

Business Benefit: The ability to provide high-quality educational facilities that support enhanced learning, maintain student retention and provide safe and healthy environments for students