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FreshWave IAQ in Hospitals

Improve HCAHP scores by safely removing all healthcare facility odors, providing for improved patient, staff, and visitor experiences

From patient care to cleaning chemicals, odors are prevalent throughout the healthcare industry. One of the most common complaints registered during a hospital stay is foul odors.

Now more than ever, healthcare facilities need to be ultra-clean in order to reduce the likelihood of Healthcare Associated Infections, all while improving overall HCAHPS scores. Cleanliness is a key benchmark for HCAHP, and a facility is not truly clean until it is odor free.

In order to meet these challenges, today’s hospital environmental services professionals need to use strong solutions comprised of hydrogen peroxide, bleach, and other chemicals, which kill bacteria on an ongoing basis. Odor from these types of cleaning solutions can compromise the care environment, and negatively impact both overall staff productivity and business return on investment.

Eco-friendly odor mitigation solutions from Fresh Wave® IAQ can be used simultaneously or immediately following the application of cleaning, disinfecting, and/or maintenance chemicals, with products ideally suited to patient and resident rooms, restrooms, soiled linen rooms, biohazard containers, trash chutes & dumpster areas, and more.

Solution: Fresh Wave IAQ full line of products:


  • Creating a cleaner and healthier care environment
  • Positively impacting overall patient satisfaction and HCAHPS scores
  • Dramatically reducing odor complaints from patients, staff, and visitors
  • Seamlessly transitioning a hospital room from one patient to the next – in a matter of just a few hours, as opposed to 24-48 hours
  • Improving employee productivity and seamlessly integrating with patient care schedules
  • Allowing for the use of cleaning and maintenance chemicals during normal work hours with minimal disruption to or impact on patients, staff, and visitors