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FreshWave IAQ in the Hospitalty Industry

Remove severe smoke, vomit, pet, & cooking odors from hotel rooms with the Fresh Wave IAQ M130 Vapor Phase Unit. Place a 32 oz Air & Surface trigger sprayer on every housekeeping cart.

The hospitality sector is driven by the need to create guest loyalty by providing the best accommodations possible, as well as inventory/availability of properties…because the competition is one click or phone call away. And, guest loyalty can be lost with one bad guest review on sites like TripAdvisor or Yelp. Fresh Wave IAQ offers hotels, motels, resorts and cruise ships a fast, effective and safe odor removal tool. Odor-related guest complaints are a thing of the past with Fresh Wave IAQ, while offering hospitality providers a green solution to remove odors – which impacts both customers and employees.

In addition, Fresh Wave IAQ has been on the forefront of providing eco-friendly odor control for hotels that deal with smoke odors, whether from cannabis, cigarettes or cigars. Over the past several years, our products have been proven to remove not only odors from cigarette smoking in hotel rooms, but also have been recently put to the test with regards to cannabis odors.

Turn a room around in 2 hours.


Problem: Ongoing odors left over by guests, which includes cigarette smoke, food, chemical odors and bodily fluids in the carpet and furniture upholstery, as well as in the atmosphere of the room

Solution: Fresh Wave IAQ full line of products:

Business Benefit: The ability to provide completely odor-free rooms, which decreases guest complaints and enhances overall utilization of rooms and guest quarters.