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FreshWave IAQ in the Jan San Industry

From corporate offices to remediation services, Fresh Wave IAQ eliminates the toughest office odors safely and effectively.

Janitorial service providers need to effectively treat, remediate and eliminate chemical and biological pollutants from a home or commercial environment. Fresh Wave IAQ allows janitorial solution providers to offer odor neutralization services that consistently eliminate foul smells. Comprised of natural ingredients, Fresh Wave IAQ is engineered to help eradicate residual odors, even strong chemical smells from harsh cleaning agents.

Fresh Wave IAQ can solve a multitude of odor problems for any janitorial service provider.


Problem: Ongoing odors associated with any janitorial situation including restroom odors, pet feces and urine, as well as kitchen odors

Solution: Fresh Wave IAQ full line of products:

Business Benefit: The ability to eliminate any odor at any time – allowing janitorial service providers to offer enhanced cleaning services, reduce expenses associated with odor control and increase referral business