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FreshWave IAQ and the Automotive Industry

Remove odors from cigarettes, food or pets in any vehicle with non-toxic, natural, Fresh Wave IAQ.

For car dealers and car rental agencies, auto detailers, foul-smelling cars come with the territory. Nefarious customers commonly ignore the no smoking policies in rental cars, resulting in fleet depletion when vehicles are removed from service for cleaning, and car dealers must go to great lengths cleaning and deodorizing used cars to prepare them for resale. Fresh Wave IAQ allows rental car providers to keep their fleets fully utilizable, and allows car dealers to be more efficient in preparing used cars for sale.


Problem: Residual odors from cigarettes, food, pets and any other source of foul smells within an automobile

Solution: Fresh Wave IAQ full line of products:

Business Benefit: The ability to keep auto fleets fully utilized, be more efficient in preparing used cars for sale, as well as enhance overall auto sales.