Pearl Packs and Vacuum Pearls

Pearl Packs and Vacuum Pearls 2018-04-02T21:40:45+00:00

PP_VP_Image_finalVacuums are an essential cleaning tool, but the odors that linger in carpets and upholstery get sucked up by vacuums and blown out as exhaust. To eliminate odors that result from vacuum cleaners you need Fresh Wave IAQ® Pearl Packs for use with bagless vacuums or Fresh Wave IAQ® Vacuum Pearls for use with vacuums with bags. And both products also help to keep vacuum smelling fresh between uses.

Fresh Wave IAQ Pearl Packs

For a bagless vacuum, set 1 Pearl Pack atop the filter in the vacuum cleaner. Each pack lasts about 30 days. Fresh Wave IAQ’s Pearl Packs come in easy-to-store containers with 30 packs per container.

  • 1 case = 6 containers/180 packs


Fresh Wave IAQ Vacuum Pearls

For vacuums with bags, pour 1 scoop of Vacuum Pearls directly into the vacuum cleaner’s bag. Repeat every 30 days or as needed. Fresh Wave IAQ’s Vacuum Pearls store easily in stay-fresh containers. Each container contains 100 scoops.

  • 1 case = 6 containers/600 scoops

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