Sewage Smell has Negative Impact on Local Businesses

When a small town in Canada started experiencing unpleasant odors in 2007, many businesses turned inward to fix the problem.  Not knowing where else the source of the sewage-like smells could be coming from, buildings began replacing aging pipes and septic systems.  But the stink lingered, and over the years got significantly worse.   The situation became so unbearable that hotels lost a tremendous amount of revenue as guest after guest complained.   In fact, customers wanting to avoid the noxious air actually stayed away from many local merchants.

As a result, big money was invested into overhauling ventilation systems and other building infrastructure projects, but to no avail.  Nothing seemed to work.

Regretfully it wasn’t until significant damage had been done to the local economy that the city of Valleyview finally identified the cause of the horrible fumes, a sewer main that runs the length of the town business frontage road on its way to the wastewater treatment plant.  Depending on atmospheric pressure and temperature, gases released from this flow can waft through manhole cover holes and into noses everywhere.

The city has attempted to plug these holes, but the plugs were never meant as a permanent fix; sewers are designed to vent.  So what is a town to do?  Though entirely mitigating the foul odors may not be possible (at least for the foreseeable future) there is a solution for the local merchants — and it does not require expensive construction.

These local merchants could very easily implement a comprehensive odor management program that includes FreshWave IAQ products, which is a simple, cost-effective way to combat foul odors, even if they emanate from very large, complex problems.  Hotel lobbies, schools, storefronts, post offices, everything that makes a town a town, could easily benefit from our line of nontoxic odor eliminating products that meet the most challenging odor abatement situations.

Rather than masking odors, Fresh Wave IAQ absorbs and destroys odors on the molecular level and is highly effective in eliminating the most difficult odors found in carpet and upholstery, restrooms and other locations, as well as instances ongoing sewer odors.

There is no need for a bad sewer main to negatively impact an entire business community.  Fortunately there is an answer and commerce, and life in general, can continue even in the face of the foulest odors.

And, if you own a business that is being impacted by foul odors beyond your control, please fill our contact form and one of our odor management experts will reach out to you with a solution that tackles the most challenging odor situations.


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