Odor Eliminating Gels

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Fresh Wave IAQ Gel

The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel is completely non-toxic
and has a continuous release formulation that works round-the-clock to provide constant odor elimination
day or night.

Ideal for combating persistent odor problems, simply place Fresh Wave IAQ into a shallow pan and let the natural airflow do the rest.

Fresh Wave IAQ’s Gel has earned the Environmental Protection Agency’s
Safer Choice recognition. The Safer
Choice label program
products that are safe for use and safe
for the environment.


The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel is available in:

  • 8 ounce
  • 16 ounce
  • 24 ounce
  • 2 gallon
  • 5 gallon

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Fresh Wave IAQ 8oz. Gel Wall Mount

The Fresh Wave IAQ Gel Wall Unit is designed to hold one 8oz. gel. It can be easily mounted to most surfaces and is ideal for Medical Rooms, Rest Rooms, Hospital Patient Rooms, Long Term Care Resident Rooms and Fitness Rooms.


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Wall Mount Units. >


*EPA/Safer Choice recognition does not constitute endorsement of this product. The Safer Choice label signifies that the formula for this product, as OMI has represented it to the EPA, contains ingredients with more positive health and environmental characteristics than conventional products of the same type. EPA/Safer Choice relies solely on OMI, its integrity and good faith, for information on the composition, ingredients, and attributes of this product. EPA/Safer Choice has not independently identified, that is, via chemical analysis, the ingredients in the product formula, nor evaluated any of OMI’s non-ingredient claims. EPA/Safer Choice provides its evaluation only as to the product’s human health and environmental characteristics, as specified in the Safer Choice Standard and based on currently available information and scientific understanding. 

Odor eliminating gels by Fresh Wave IAQ