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Fresh Wave® IAQ Spray Gel is effective at eliminating a broad spectrum of odors such as those in garbage dumpsters and waste receptacles, trash compactors and composting areas. Our Spray Gel is natural, non-toxic, environmentally degradable and safe to use around people and pets. With it, you can effectively remove odors from any environment without using caustic chemicals or scented masking agents.

For immediate, targeted odor control, spray Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel onto the trash, refuse or compost area to completely cover the source of the odor. Apply as needed evenly and thoroughly to fully cover the odorous materials. It may also be applied via a wide nozzle trigger sprayer or with a fan tip portable sprayer.

Fresh Wave IAQ Spray Gel is available in this size as a ready-to-use trigger spray bottle:

  • 32 ounce

Or in these sizes which can be poured into appropriate sprayers for application:

  • 1-gallon
  • 5-gallon

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