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Eliminate tough office and commercial building odors.

A recent survey of found that 79% of cleaning professionals say removing odors is their biggest cleaning challenge. Almost half say they want odor control products that destroy odors, not mask them.

Janitorial service providers require strong, effective products to clean and sanitize homes, offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals, and other commercial spaces. Fresh Wave IAQ gives cleaning pros a safe solution that works, without the need for toxic ingredients.

Our natural, active plant-based products are engineered to eliminate all odors, even chemical smells from harsh cleaning agents.

Odor Sources
  • Restrooms: floor and air odors
  • Offices and meeting rooms: carpets, air, and upholstery furniture
  • Common areas and hallways: carpets, upholstery furniture
  • Kitchens and dining rooms: food and cooking odors

Clean Restrooms Mean Clean Businesses

A dirty restroom can give the overall negative perception of a company. Of restaurant visitors, 82% think dirty restrooms mean a dirty kitchen. In a recent Healthy Hand Washing Survey, almost half of Americans say they spend more money at a business that has clean, well-maintained restrooms. Nearly 60% say they visit a business because they know it has nice restrooms.

A key part of clean restrooms is limiting odors. In fact, restroom users expect zero odors from a sanitary restroom. Controlling odors in restrooms (urine, feces, body odor) even with harsh chemicals can be challenging. Even often used air fresheners and timer sprays only mask odors temporarily. Fresh Wave IAQ products target and eliminate restroom odors for good, without toxic ingredients. Partner our Air & Surface Spray, Gels, and Gel Wall Mount for a complete odor removal plan.

Clean Restroom Stats

of cleaning pros say restrooms are the most important rooms to clean
of cleaning pros say restrooms are the most difficult areas to keep clean
of customers say unpleasant restroom smells are extremely or very aggravating
of customer complaints come from unclean restrooms

Benefits of Fresh Wave IAQ


Uses the natural power of plant oils to remove odors from offices and commercial buildings.


Non-toxic, non-hazardous, biodegradable, non-flammable, and no harmful VOCs mean it’s safe to use by staff, around customers.


Proven by independent and customer labs to reduce smells.


Products and equipment effective on any odor, from any source.

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Odor masking solutions often do not work, and they can actually make the odor worse. It is nice to be able to eliminate odors and not have a lingering chemical scent in the air.

Karen and Gina, Managers at Merry Maids

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