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April 9, 2020

Property Management Tips for Landlords

Property management can be a great way to pull in a secondary income, especially if you’re handy and have a little bit of time on your hands. But getting started owning an investment property isn’t a cut and dry process. There are many things to…
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February 28, 2020

Give Hospital Laundry Procedures a Boost

Every aspect of caring for patients is sensitive. Whether assisting in their care prior to a procedure or helping them through the recovery process, it’s important to handle every moment with poise and dignity.  While hospitals can create calm, professional environments by assembling a highly-skilled…
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February 17, 2020

Hotel Lobby Cleaning Checklist

Picture this: As guests filter into your hotel lobby to check in, they glance around to find dusty entry tables and floors filthy with tracked-in grime from outside. Musty smells waft up from the furniture and carpets, while front desk agents -- odor-blind to these…
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